Despite what the name suggests, a wheel alignment (a.k.a. tire alignment) doesn’t involve servicing the wheels themselves. Instead, it involves adjusting the suspension so that wheels roll at optimum angles and that the tires make full contact with the ground. Modern vehicle suspension systems maintain their positions much better than in the past. So, while alignments are a fairly common service item, they're usually performed on an as-needed basis instead of being routine maintenance. But how do you know when you need an alignment? And what issues does an alignment fix? Here's a quick overview.

Three Components of Proper Wheel Alignment

When bringing your Audi to Audi Frederick's Service Center for an alignment, our technicians will examine and adjust three positional wheel attributes:

  • Camber: This is a tire's degree of side-to-side tilt from an imaginary vertical line. In negative camber, the top of the wheel tilts toward the car. In positive camber, the wheel tilts away. Wheels with proper camber make full and flat contact with the ground, while improper camber causes a tire to roll on its corners.

  • Caster: This is the angle between the steering axis and the vertical axis. When drawing an imaginary line from the steering axis to the ground, the line should touch in front of the tire's contact patch. This is called positive caster, a certain degree of which is necessary for stability and self-centering.

  • Toe: This is the direction in which the tires are pointed. Too much toe-in or toe-out can negatively affect handling and tire wear.

What are symptoms of bad wheel alignment?

Misalignment can result from sharp impacts with curbs or potholes or from old or worn suspension components. Improper wheel alignment can result in the tread wearing only one half of the tire or the corners. Other symptoms include excessive steering wheel vibration, difficulty holding a straight line, or if the steering wheel is off-center when traveling straight.

What are the benefits of proper wheel alignment?

Fixing alignment issues can improve your Audi's handling and fuel economy. It can also help avoid premature tire degradation and prevent damage to suspension and steering components.

Where can you find Audi alignment service near Hagerstown and Martinsburg

If you've recently experienced a sharp pothole impact or noticed any of the above symptoms, bring your Audi to Audi Frederick as soon as possible. Our expert service center technicians can quickly identify and correct any alignment issues and have you on your way as soon as possible.

We've made it easy to schedule Audi service online, and you can even request valet service pick-up and delivery without leaving home via Ourisman Service to Go. Be sure to check out our latest service center specials to take advantage of any discounts before your next visit. And if you have any questions about Audi service or scheduling an appointment, don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We'll be happy to assist you.

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